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Profire's Three-fold Mission

In an industry that evolves with every legislation passing, every upgrade to technology and processing equipment, and every improvement in workplace practice, Profire Energy remains firmly focused on the customer. The company was initially a service-based provider. In time, we developed our own products and with them, along with our deep understanding of service as well as customer wants and needs, we became a solution for burner management.

At Profire Energy, our three-fold mission is to:

1. Increase Operational Efficiency

2. Increase Profit Margins

3. Increase Safety and Compliance

Increased Operational Efficiencies

It is a monumental task to keep up with the demands placed on the industry responsible for providing over half of the world’s power. Profire’s burner management and chemical injection solutions ease the strain by streamlining operations and drastically improving uptime. Our systems closely monitor pressure, temperature, and levels, among others and then relay that information via Modbus.

Increased Profit Margins

Not only will our solutions allow end users to get more done with less time, but our products ensure productivity is at its peak using the least amount of materials. If a burner reaches temperature outside of the predetermined range, the burner is adjusted accordingly. Using only what is needed results in significant cost savings.

Increased Safety and Compliance

Manually reigniting a flame is archaic and dangerous. Profire’s burner management systems not only detect when a flame that isn’t present, but it also reignites for continued production. Service teams no longer are required to put themselves in potentially hazardous situations for flame restoration.

Profire’s solutions also comply with the increasing number of mandates from regulatory bodies. Laws are more closely followed and concerns are mitigated when using Profire’s solutions for ignition and burner management.



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