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Profire Energy: Take a look inside the box

Since the beginning, Profire has been driven by more than just a desire to make and offer a product. We pride ourselves on being solution providers for our customers through our superior products that are paralleled with unmatched service and support, all with the goal of delivering performance. Collaboration with our customers is what lead to the development and refinement of the PF2100, the standard among burner management systems.

But Profire is more than just a box. The strength of Profire has always been what goes into that box. Take a look inside and you'll see a team of experts able and eager to help you increase efficiencies, reduce costs, understand compliancy and find and implement solutions. As stated by one of our customers "I have been using Profire products for over 10 years, it was a simple choice for me to look to them for solutions when designing new systems for processing."

Boots on the Ground:

In the box, you'll find our knowledgeable sales and service teams who have been strategically placed throughout North America to provide our customers with timely expertise and support. They are there to train, support, advice and to provide the best experience possible to our customers.

Accessible Expertise:

Not only do we provide immediate local support and technical knowhow, our experienced team of engineers, who develop our products, are available to support our customers through thick and thin. Their involvement and knowhow in our product and the industry is unparalleled.


Burner Management is more than just a controller to Profire. Burner Management includes, a certified and approved BMS, a properly designed and compliant fuel gas train, the right choice in burner, proper installation and effective training and support. The Profire team knows and understands Burner Management as a solution not a box.


Our Burner Management Solutions were developed due to the needs of our customers and we have and will continue work to fill this need with solutions that make our customers lives easier and safer. Our courage to innovate has lead us to Chemical Management solutions, complex burner applications, pre-assemble options.

Maybe it's time you hired a team instead of just a box. Contact Profire Energy today.



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