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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Profire Energy?
Profire Energy is an oilfield technology company. We provide burner management products and services to the oil and gas industry. Profire’s products help these companies increase efficiency, improve safety, and reduce harmful byproducts.
For more introductory information, see our Industry page.
What is Burner Management?
In the oil and natural gas industry, various applications are used in the production and transportation of oil and natural gas. These applications require heat, which is used to facilitate the proper function of the application. To provide that heat, a burner is used within the application. Our primary products monitor and manage this burner.
Without a burner management system, a worker will ignite the burner manually by using a long stick, with a burning rag at the end, and extending it near the burner. This is not only dangerous, but requires a worker to discover that the burner flame is extinguished, often resulting in unnecessary downtime of the application. When the burner is reignited by a worker, it will typically run continuously—often needlessly—until the flame is again extinguished, and the process is repeated.
A burner management system monitors the burner, reignites it automatically when needed, and can even manage the temperature set-points (which can be set by the user). In this way, a burner management system allows for more efficient burner operation and re-ignition, improved safety, and improved compliance with regulatory bodies.
For more burner management information, see our Burner Management page.
Where in the industry are your products used?
Many types of companies are involved in the oil/natural gas. The industry is divided up into five main segments, as shown below. Our products are used in the Production and Transportation sectors (see the Profire logo), and play a pivotal role in the proper function, efficiency, and safety of the combustion applications in these areas:
For more industry information, see our Industry page.
Profire in the industry
When was Profire Energy incorporated?
Profire Energy got its start in 2002, when Profire Combustion was first incorporated. As Profire Combustion grew, it eventually became a wholly owned subsidiary of Profire Energy (a public company) when it was acquired in 2008. In the decade since Profire Combustion started, our products have been sold around the world, and Profire Energy continues to grow today.
Where are your offices?
Profire Energy has offices in the United States and Canada:
United States
  • Lindon, Utah (Company Headquarters)
  • Houston, Texas (Regional Office)
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Regional Office)
  • Victoria, Texas (Service Center)
  • Tioga, Pennsylvania (Service Center)
  • Spruce Grove, Alberta (Canadian Headquarters)
For more information, see our Contact Us page.
What are your primary products?
Our primary products are:
  • Profire 2100 Burner Management System (BMS)
  • Profire 1800 Burner Management System (BMS)
  • Profire 1300 Flare Ignition System (FIS)
  • Profire Crescent-Shuttered Airplate (CS Airplate)
  • Fuel train components
To better serve our customers, our service team can help install or service any product Profire product.
For more information, see our Products page.
How many employees do you have?
About 95.
For more information, see our BOD page.
When does your fiscal year end?
March 31.
For more information, see our Investor Relations page.
Where is Profire Energy stock traded?
For a current stock chart, see our Investor Relations page.
How can I access financial documents?
As a public company, Profire Energy reports to the US Securities and Exchange commission.
Official company filings can be viewed on the EDGAR website.
Who are your auditors?
Sadler, Gibb & Associates