The Answer

The PC180, Profire's chemical management system, significantly reduces costs by optimizing chemical injection.

Automate Injection

Changing well conditions such as gas rates, H2S ppm, temperatures, pressures, etc. are closely monitored. The PC180 recognizes when working conditions have changed and then adjusts injection rates automatically.

Findings From
The Field

What We Found

Through multiple case studies, over 80 wells and their respective chemical injection rates were closely monitored and analyzed.

57% of the wells Profire studied were found to be OVER-INJECTING.

ON JUST 46 wells, OVER-injection Cost producers a combined Annual TOTAL OF


On one specific install, PROFIRE's pc180 was able to cut markwest's METHANOL consumption by over 82%

After nearing 1,000 gallons of methanol consumption per month on a single compressor station, MarkWest adopted Profire Energy's PC180 chemical management system in an effort to cut costs.

The PC180 Offers Markwest a Projected Annual Savings of $27,770.40 on just one station.

Reducing MarkWest's methanol consumption from nearly 1,000 gallons per month to 188 gallons after just 30 days represented significant cost savings - decreasing methanol consumption by 82%.

"After running the system for a little over a month, the results look promising. Profire's PC180 was able to drop our consumption rate by 82 percent. That represents some pretty significant cost savings to us."

Large E&P

  • Reliable

    Profire's PC180 ensures a consistent and accurate supply of chemical, ensuring reliable pumps.

  • Compatible

    The PC180 will function with almost any existing pump, making it easy to install and retrofit.

  • Expandable

    SCADA or our Data Scavenger package allow for chemical management from almost anywhere.

  • Flexible

    Injection is automatically adjusted according to changing well conditions like H2S ppm, pressure, etc.