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Our first burner management system

  • Meets or exceeds all relevant codes and standards
  • Easy installation with clearly marked component I/O
  • Large, easily accessible terminal connections
  • Rapid 1.8 second shut-down on flame-out
  • DC voltage spark generator
  • Ultra-low power design to accommodate solar panel or TEG applications
  • Auto relight or manual operation


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Carefully considering industry trends, as well as adhering to customer wants and needs, we released our first burner management system, the PF1100, in 2004. At the time, Profire was strictly a service and instrumentation provider. The availability of our service, coupled with a system that met compliance needs and surpassed many wants of an ideal system, the PF1100 helped establish Profire as an industry leader. Over a decade has passed since the original launch and the PF1100 still serves as a foundation for our burner management systems.



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