The Role of Burner Management

In the oil and natural gas industry, various applications (e.g. tanks, line heaters, separators, dehydrators, amine reboilers, etc.) are used in the production and transportation of oil and natural gas. These applications require heat, which is used to facilitate the proper function of the application. To provide that heat, a burner is used within the application.
Line Heater

Where Profire's Burner Management Comes In

Our primary products, Burner Management Systems, monitor and manage this burner. Burner Management Systems help to make oil & gas companies safe, more efficient, and more compliant.
The table below shows just some of the key features of a Burner Management System (BMS):
With a BMS
With a BMS
Without a BMS
Without a BMS
Auto Re-Light
The BMS quickly detects the flame absence in the combustion application, and can quickly reignite the burner flame.
Worker must discover and reignite the extinguished burner. The worker then reignites the application manually (often with a fuel-soaked rag that’s tied to a stick). This takes worker time and can be very dangerous.
Temperature Control
The BMS will manage temperature setpoints that are set by the user, ensuring that the burner flame is on only when needed.
No electronic temperature control. The application burns continuously, often needlessly, until the flame fails.
Remote Monitoring & Control
Our Burner Management Systems are compatible with remote monitoring and control technologies (i.e. telemetry). This allows the user to monitor and manage the BMS from the comfort of an office.
No remote monitoring or control is possible.
Emergency Shutdown
The BMS can detect when certain application inputs (e.g. high/low pressure, level, etc.) indicate a potential problem, and can shut down the application safely.
No safety shutdown capabilities exist.
The Result
A burner management system makes a big difference for oil & gas companies:

					Increased Operations Efficiency
Increased Operations Efficiency
  • Combustion applications function only when needed.
  • The BMS can monitor and reignite failed burner flame, allowing oilfield professionals to manage more wells and get more done.
  • Reliable burner management means less production-loss. You can rest assured that the burner flame is working properly, so the application can function as it should.

					Increased Safety
Increased Safety
  • Antiquated and dangerous forms of re-ignition (such as the “rag-and-stick” method) are replaced with safe, automated burner detection and re-ignition.

					Increased Compliance
Increased Compliance
  • By providing a reliable form of re-ignition, many compliance concerns are mitigated, especially when used in conjunction with other Profire products.
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