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Profire Energy is a leading provider in combustion management and chemical injection solutions in the oil and gas industry. For over a decade, we have specialized in providing unparalleled service coupled with industry standard products resulting in a complete solution. We stand by our products as they serve our customers and fulfill our three-fold mission of saving lives, saving money, and saving the environment.

Saving lives

Our combustion solutions and chemical injection systems closely monitor and control oilfield applications. Hazardous situations are detected and resolved without putting the lives of your workforce in harms way.

Saving money

Reliable burner management and chemical injection means less production-loss. With direct ability to connect to SCADA networks, Profire technologies and solutions are remotely accessible to oilfield professionals allowing for monitoring and control of multiple sites and locations saving both time and money and allowing for more to be accomplished.

Saving the environment

With a reliable form for re-ignition and chemical injection, many compliance concerns are mitigated. Our solutions allow you to stay in control-from your office or in the field. This type of control allows for less accidents thus improving your surroundings and being more environmentally conscience.

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