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Profire's Three-fold Mission

In an industry that evolves with every legislation passing, every upgrade to technology and processing equipment, and every improvement in workplace practice, Profire Energy remains firmly focused on the customer. The company was initially a service-based provider. In time, we developed our own products and with them, along with our deep understanding of service as well as customer wants and needs, we became a solution for burner management.

BMS 101

The term "burner management system" varies in definition and understanding throughout the oil and gas industry. Though it would be convenient to have an industry council and come to a general consensus of what it is and what it isn't, such an event is unlikely. But perhaps an understanding of what a burner management system is to Profire will do.

In order for a box to be deemed a burner management system by Profire, it needs to provide the following:
     •Auto Ignition
     •Flame Detection
     •Temperature Control
     •Safety Shutdown Capabilities
     •Remote Capabilities (Modbus, Remote Start/Stop, and ESD)

Burner Management Basics

In the oil and gas industry, various applications including
tanks, line heaters, and dehydrators, are used in the production and
transportation of oil and gas. Whether it’s keeping oil at a specified
temperature or separating oil and gas from wax, water, and other contaminants,
heat is required. To provide that heat, a burner is used within the

The History of Profire

Founded in 2002, we opened our first office in Spruce Grove, Alberta —a small town west of Edmonton. Initially specializing in instrumentation and burner services, Profire quickly became known as combustion experts. Increasing regulatory pressure and code requirements mandated the use of an auto ignition system to light oil and gas production and processing equipment as opposed to the traditional "rag-and-stick" method. Due to our expertise, Profire technicians were often called upon to repair and maintain other companies...



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