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About our Products

Combining customer needs and wants, innovation with intuitiveness, and affordability without sacrificing durability, our products have lifted Profire as a leader in the oil and gas industry. We streamline the mundane and secure what matters most with our advanced technology. As concerns are unraveled and wants are uncovered, we handpick Profire products, couple them with high quality third-party parts, and create a complete solution.

Inside the Solution: What Matters Most

From the time that conversations begin to well beyond installation, we take the time to ensure that our customers have the right equipment in place. Our products are simple to understand yet capable of resolving many time-consuming industry procedures. We know that talk is cheap and so do you. With our products, we walk the walk and save lives, money, and time.

Burner Management Systems: Our family of Burner Management Systems improves the way customers produce and transport oil and gas. In addition to the amount of time saved for installation and maintenance, our products increase safety in the workplace and streamline compliances with regulatory bodies. And when coupled with our expansion cards, end users are always able to monitor and manage applications at the office, in the field, and anywhere in between.

Chemical Management Systems: By utilizing proprietary technology, chemical injection is closely monitored—reducing pump repairs, minimizing the amount of chemicals used and decreasing operator exposure to hazardous materials. The system also automatically adjusts the ideal target rate of chemical injection with changing well conditions.

Combustion: From burners to flame arrestors, combining our products with many of the most reputable brands in the industry, we ensure that combustion needs are met.

Instrumentation: In providing our customers with the right solution, we look at a variety of factors involved with each application or appliance. These factors are combined with customer’s goals, budget, and regulatory requirements. Based on this information, we aim to offer the most accurate, safe, and reliable solution.



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