Our Industry
The oil & gas industry provides over half of our world's power, and plays a critical role in the world economy.
To learn how they are processed, see the illustration below:
Industry Illustration
1 Extraction
After oil/gas is located, a well is drilled and production begins (i.e. oil/gas is brought to the earth's surface through the well).
2 Separation
When the oil/gas surfaces, the oil/gas is first separated from contaminants (e.g. wax, water, etc.), in preparation for transportation to a refinery. Proper heating is important during this process.
3 Transportation
The gas is piped to a refinery, and the oil is brought either by truck or pipe to a refinery. Proper heating is important during these processes.
4 Delivery
The oil/gas is then refined and delivered to local areas for use.
In the Oilfields
The gas comes up the well because it is lighter than air. The oil, however, often requires a jack to help "pull" it up the well (if the pressure belowground doesn't force it up the pipe) The oil and gas travel up the same well and arrive at the same wellhead.
At the Wellsite
At the surface, the oil/gas must undergo some initial production processes before it can be transported or refined. Many applications are used in this processing, which require heat to function properly. This heat is provided by a burner flame, which can be managed by a Profire Energy Burner Management System (BMS).
In Pipes and Trucks
  • The gas from each well is piped through a "gathering line" to a "mainline", where it is compressed and then piped to a refinery. Line heaters are used to intermittently heat the gas as it travels to a refinery.
  • The oil can also be piped to a refinery, or it can be stored temporarily in a heated tank, where a truck will pick-up and transport it to refinery. Adequate heat is needed for these transportation processes to work properly. Heat is provided by a burner flame, which can be managed by a Profire Energy BMS.
Refinement & Delivery
At Refineries
The oi/gas is refined and then transported to local areas for use. These sophisticated refineries use very complex systems to ensure proper refining.
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