Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between a burner management system and an igniter?
Can a BMS talk to my SCADA system?
Does Profire have local service personnel or third party service providers near me?
Can a Profire BMS and fuel train save me time, money, or manpower?
What makes Profire stand out from its competition?
Can I buy directly from Profire or do I have to purchase from a distributor?
What makes the Profire ignition/products superior to others that I have tried in the past?
Does Profire have a solution for my flares?
Where are our products made?
How do I hook up at Modbus?
Why is my stainless steel Type K Thermocouple only lasting 10 days in my flare?
Can we control more than one burner and pilot with the PF2100?
Why do I have to keep charging my battery on my solar system?
What is ionization?
Why does my pilot come on and the flame looks good, however the box does not see the flame and the flame fails? I've replaced everything and it still won't work?
What are the best PID perimeters for running the VM80 efficiently?
How many watts does the PF2100 use to operate when the controller is on with the display on, controller on with the display off, and when it power save mode?
How long can my 2100 run with solar in bad weather and no sun?
Why don't you use heat to detect flame?
Is the Kimray 1400 necessary?
What is the passcode and is it customizable?
What is the benefit of an air plate and tuning the burner?



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